Your ideas - our abilities


As part of the process to create your production ready product, our technical team creates a profile for processing in our state of the art CNC-controlled injection molding machine under optimal quality control production conditions timely provided within a 24 hour turnaround period.


The process to create sophisticated plastic profiles requires production expertise at a highly technical level. Our equipment comprises high quality, single and twin-screw extruders that guarantee smooth, fast and cost effective production capable of accommodating an array of plastic profiles.


We recommend the use of acrylic material that is durable and elegantly represents the finished product for display at trade shows and for customer samples. Our laser machines provide engraving and customization of the acrylic sheets per your specifications and needs.

Our competitive advantages include

One Stop Shop

Initial consulting definition and execution comprises seamless project technical scope, specifications, quality control, production and affordable pricing

Tool construction

We adapt your custom design or idea using our 3D software to rapidly produce high-precision tools with state of the art processes and methodologies under strict quality control.

Manufacturing Expertise

From the inception of the idea through production, our processes insure that Quality Control is supervised by our experienced technical team, then packaged & shipped to you.

Proximity to Market

We assure rapid turnaround time and delivery. We offer two central European locations to expedite swift turnaround production time and delivery.